I'm an artist born in Wales and currently living in London. My commercial work ranges from portraiture, replica and pastiche painting to murals, photography and illustration using traditional & digital media.
My recent personal work consists mostly of giant handmade art books - 'Book of Deth' vol. 1-6, which is an ongoing series exploring themes of loss, doom etc.. dragging inspiration from a variety of art-historical, medieval and ancient sources and setting into a general melee of re-invention and fractured narrative, run through with veins of dark humour and a general gothic sensibility...
Education - Self-taught & also UAL (book arts)
Exhibitions - Participated in a dozen or so group shows at various galleries around London and at the Brighton fringe. 
e : Worldspacepatrol@icloud.com
t : +44 (0) 77 40 87 23 53

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